Putting an end to playtime is not going to be easy with this around.

Designed for young ones ages 3 and up, Bestway’s Fisher-Price Bouncetastic Inflatable Bouncer is as fun as its name suggests. Built from sturdy, pre-tested vinyl, this bouncy house can support up to 188 pounds, letting kids enjoy springy fun even as they grow. It doesn’t come with a pump, so parents should take note of that before they buy.

At just under six feet in length and width, The Fisher-Price Bouncetastic Bouncer is a wonderful, safe place for kids to expend their energy. It can even fit three kids inside comfortably. At more than 4 feet tall, it will completely immerse kids in a bouncy house wonderland.

My favorite part about this inflatable is its sidewalls. They’re made of a sturdy mesh fabric, so young ones can afford a misstep or two and still remain safely inside. The see-through fabric gives parents a view inside the structure, which offers invaluable peace of mind. Safety nets are also very, very good. As little ones become bigger ones, parents can remove the sidewalls so that they have an even easier time entering and exiting. While they bounce, kids will build balance, coordination, and motor skills without even realizing it. It’s a win-win.

This inflatable castle playpen is perfect for active, indoor play when the weather inevitably gets cooler. Kids can work up a sweat and burn energy in the living room, bedroom, or playroom thanks to this pint-sized bouncer. And for even more fun, parents can fill the inside with the 50 plastic play balls and let their kids watch as they bounce inside with them. Instant ball pit!

I just have one question. Is there room for me?