Drum roll, please… 🥁

Now, hit that beat with Jazwares‘ latest collection of First Act Discovery drum sets. These sleek sets are made for all the little Ringo Star’s in-the-making—or rather, all the moms and dads who want a little Ringo Star in-the-making. The drum sets are made for beginners, and designed for little hands and bodies, allowing kids to familiarize themselves with all of the items in the set. It’s the perfect introductory set for an eager beaver who has got some serious beat.

The First Act Discovery Blue Stars Drum Set is covered in–you guessed it—blue stars. The black and white drum set features an array of stars and ~trendy~ paint blotches fit for the rock’n roll scene. The set includes a bass drum with pedal, mounted tom and snare drums, a mounted cymbal, and two wooden drum sticks.

The bass drum is 14-inches and the two smaller drums are 8-inches in diameter. Not only is the size perfect for rockstars-in-training, but the pieces are also made to take a bold hit or two. Other drum sets may not be up to the challenge of a kid who hasn’t quite learned the difference between impulsively banging on the drums and actually creating a musical beat, but this First Act Discovery drum set is designed for a little wear and tear.

Kids who are just picking up drumsticks for the first time will have a little guidance as they find their beat. The set comes with an exclusive Color & Shape Learning Guide, written by a professional music educator, to teach visual learning for drumming beginners. Additionally, the included Learn-a-Chord cards help kids learn beginning chords right away, and the patented string post covers cap the string ends to protect little fingers and prevent blisters. Also included are string name stickers so young players can place them on the string post covers to learn about their instrument.

Parents, grandparents, and babysitters will have no trouble piecing together the drums. The patented push mounts make the assembly process quick, easy, and painless—three of my favorite things. The First Act Discovery Line also features a ton of different instruments, including ukulele, guitars, keyboards, and more. In true The Jackson 5 style, there’s enough for the whole family to get in on the fun.

Rock on! 🤘