Girls Toys 2016Move over Suri Cruise, there’s about to be a whole lot of new, pint-sized fashionistas in town!

Great for aspiring popstars or fashion designers (or both!) the Fashion Plates Superstar Deluxe set is the newest Fashion Plates set from Kahootz, and it comes with tons of mix-and-match possibilities.

Kids can design their perfect, stage-ready popstar outfits with an array of funky and edgy clothing design options. From bedazzled jeans, to multi-colored dresses, to cowboy boots, the number of potential ensembles is endless.

To get designing, kids first choose which plates they want to use, and place them in the drawing tablet, put a piece of paper on top, and use the rubbing crayon to reveal an outline of the outfit they’ve chosen. Next comes the fun part of finishing their very own design using the included colored pencils  to add some popping color!

If they need inspiration, young designers can consult the fashion folio idea guide. One cool trick the guide suggests is flipping over the fashion plates and using the raised shapes on the back to create some fun patterns.

Providing a small clotheshorse with everything they need to succeed in the fashion world, each set comes with 15 pink plastic fashion plates, 20 sheets of design paper, eight colored pencils, two rubbing crayons, a crayon holder, a drawing tablet, and a fashion folio idea guide. The kit also includes a super cute fashion carrying case for easy transportation, which makes the Fashion Plates Superstar Deluxe set perfect for long car rides or flights.

Among the stage-worthy clothing items kids can choose from are three stylish pairs of shoes, three tops, three bottoms, and three model head options. The combined fashion plates include three bottom and shoe combinations, and three top and head combinations, and every outfit is accessorized with a musical instrument or microphone, so kids’ models are truly ready for the stage!

Even though the kit comes with colored pencils, kids may want to add their own to the mix because it can be hard to get vibrant-looking colors from the pencils provided, and adding pressure can result in clumpy paper. The rubbing crayon has a tendency to smudge and affect the final look, so have an eraser on hand for some quick and easy design clean-up.

With the Fashion Plates Superstar Deluxe set, young designers have all the style power to create whatever their hearts desire and even cultivate a possible budding designer within!