Source: Schleich

Farm life just isn’t complete without a couple of cute kitties.

Cats may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of farming, but anyone within proximity to a barn (or who’s seen Milo and Otis) knows that they’re a given in farm life. Schleich’s Farm World Playtime for Cute Cats playset celebrates the cuddly addition in the best way.

The nine-piece set can be played with on its own or added to any of the other items from Schleich’s Farm World collection. The two included kittens and mama cat come ready to play with a cat tower, a ball of yarn, a food dish, and, of course, a litter box. The cuddly figures are ultra-realistic, featuring a look of fluffy fur and even little toe beans. Mama cat, which is about the size of a grown-up’s palm, is about twice the size of her babies, but each is small enough to easily be stored when playtime is done.

Source: Schleich

Kids who are constantly asking for a kitten will love playing with their new pets and imagining a full farmhouse. I know because I am an adult who constantly asks for a kitten and imagines a full farmhouse. With the help of their imagination, they can pick out names for their cuddly friends and create hijinks for the kitties to get into.

When added to any of the other items from Schleich’s Farm World collection, the cats can explore farm life and kids can create even more imaginative stories. The collection features a large variety of realistic animals, including just about any type of dog you can think of. Kids can also collect the buildings that all the animals call home, with stables, barns, farmhouses, and more available.

Now kids who live anywhere can experience farm life and imagine a world with more kitties. Sounds purr-fect to me!