Whether you have an inquisitive toddler asking why a man at the grocery store is sad, or if you have a special needs preschooler needing assistance on reading emotions from friends’ expressions, books are a great place in which to turn for learning, advice and education.

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Little Pim, known for its child-friendly language learning DVDs, also has a book about feelings. With pictures of the Little Pim panda mascot setting up scenarios, kids can try to identify images and equate them to the feelings shown on the page. A bonus is that children learn to say sad, mad, and other emotions in three languages: Spanish, French, and English.

The other go-to company for books about feelings is Ruby’s Studio. The Studio’s goal is to help children understand their feelings, recognize them in others and express and move through them. While this process may be natural for some children, many children don’t have the inherent ability to identify feelings or communicate them. Often preschool curriculums’ miss this part of a child’s empathetic growth and Ruby’s Studios products provide a much-needed fulfillment.

A Little Book about Feelings is the go-to-book for many parents. The enhancement of the My Feeling Activity book provides hands-on-support for Para-professionals using Applied Behavior Analysis and for the hands-on parent who is looking for an additional activity. The Feelings Show is a DVD opportunity to explore feelings in an interactive way. It can be especially helpful in providing insight into real world engagement with people. It can be used alongside the books or as a progression.

From toddlers to preschoolers, and from a training tool to professionals, these books that explore feelings and emotions can be a great step for parents, caregivers, and educators to assist children becoming empathetic individuals.