Eva the Owlet features the power of journaling infused with adventure! | Source: Apple TV+

Eva the Owlet is an animated series inspired by Owl Diaries, the best-selling Scholastic book series by Rebecca Elliott. The show stars Eva, a creative and feisty owlet who explores the woods of Treetoppington with her best friend Lucy. 

The show features emotional stories, such as Eva striving to be the best at something new, including baking, fishing, and more; playing games; growing plants; and building bonds of friendship with the other characters. Eva and Lucy share their emotions and experiences with each other and the audience through journaling, inspiring kids to put their minds to paper to release pent up feelings. 

Eva the Owlet drops on Apple TV+ on March 31. Other kids’ shows on Apple TV+ designed to foster education through creative storytelling include Stillwater, Hello, Jack: The Kindness Show, Pretzel and the Puppies, and more.

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Whether the kids in your life are big fans of woodland creatures or are budding journal writers, Eva the Owlet will be full of fantastic adventures! Check out the trailer below!