If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Sometimes, the best toys in the playroom are the ones that are tried and true. The ones that parents played with themselves, and now, can watch their kids enjoy them just as much as they did. The ones that don’t feature any technology at all—just some good old-fashioned creative play. These toys are the ones that we find ourselves pulling off the shelf over and over again.

Spin Master lets kids shake up imagination with the classic Etch A Sketch. The Etch A Sketch first made its debut in 1960, and instantly became a classic. Its longevity is proof of all of the mental and physical benefits a toy like the Etch A Sketch provides, and in case you’re in need of a little remind, I got your back.

First off, the Etch A Sketch’s basic function is to toggle the two nobs at the bottom to guide the magnetic lines into the masterpiece of your dreams. For me, as a not-so-artistic kid, this meant a couple of clean lines before I accidentally made one wrong move, erased the whole thing, and started over (being a perfectionist and not a great artist was not exactly the most relaxing combination). This basic play pattern hones and develops fine and gross motor skills, spatial awareness, and cause and effect. Yeah, that’s right: There are STEM skills in an Etch A Sketch.

Not to mention that Etch A Sketch artists get to create on a blank canvas, quite literally, over and over again. Once they’re done toggling out their masterpiece, then can shake to erase, and start all over. There is no limit to a kids’ creative expression.

Plus, the Etch A Sketch is completely contained in that red rectangular square we all know and love. Spin Master also has a great variety of sizes and types of Etch A Sketches, including ones featuring kids’ favorite characters from Toy Story, Frozen, and more. Younger kids will love the Etch A Sketch Doodle sets that come with the magnetic pen to draw, easier for little hands. It’s lightweight and there are no free floating art supplies. This makes it completely mess-free, as well as a super convenient travel toy.

For parents looking for a little unplugged nostalgia that gets all parts of kids’ brains working while having fun, look no further than your old trusted friend, the Etch A Sketch.

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