issa's incredible adventures

What’s cookin’?

Encantos, home to several educational family entertainment brands, joins forces with award-winning chef and cookbook author Aliya LeeKong to develop a food-inspired preschool brand. The new line, titled Issa’s Edible Adventures, will offer an animated series, books, mobile apps, consumer products, subscription services, and more, according to today’s announcement.

The adventure-driven brand — starring feisty, resourceful, and biracial 7-year-old Issa and all of her culinary experiences — is designed to teach preschoolers literacy and life skills while they discover the joy of cooking. Issa’s multicultural adventures inspire kids to celebrate food, cultural heritage, and diversity.

“At Encantos, we always want kids and families to be inspired by our characters, stories, and brands,” said Susie Jaramillo, president and chief creative officer for Encantos, in a statement. “Issa’s Edible Adventures has all the ingredients we love: a multitalented, passionate creator; an adorable lead character; and a universal message that everyone can connect with about food and family.”