One small jar of slime, one giant step for kid-kind.

The only thing better than making your own slime, is having someone else make it for you (#lazy). Elasti Plasti, from ORB, is a brand new compound super stretchy compound. Elasti Plasti includes about 15 ounces of slime, but kids can stretch it up to 100 times its original size. Kids can stretch it long or wide, or both, and multiple kids can stretch together to see how far this slime can go (spoiler alert: far).

Elasti Plasti has a super satisfying texture, and it’s slimy goodness doesn’t have any weird scents and it doesn’t leave any residue behind (Moms, rejoice).

Kid can ever stretch it around a straw and blow bubbles to watch the slime bubble up to 20 times its size, or they can flop Elasti Plasti all over the place to make some slappy, wacky sounds. Best of all: Kids can try to smush it back inside of its jar for some zany fart noises (it’s literally 100x better than a Whoopee Cushion).

Elasti Plasti is super goopy, and will slowly slide down anything kids place it on. The plastic jar has a twist on-and-off top, so kids can make sure their slime never dries out inside the container.

Kids can choose from neon colors such as Magnapink, Purplefy, and Greenetic; or glow-in-the-dark versions including green Magnaglo and blue Aquaglo. There’s even a sparkly lavender color called Peritwinkle.

Elasti Plasti lets kids skip the hassle of making their own slime and great right to the wacky, moldy, stretchy fun.