It’s like my mom always told me, stay away from the bad eggs.

That’s the goal of Egged On, Hasbro Gaming’s newest roulette style game. Players take a chance on luck and crack the bendable, plastic eggs over their heads. If a player chooses a leaky egg, he or she is out. The last player left wins the game.

Before playing, kids must fill the eggs with water. Designed for two to four players, kids fill one less egg than there are players. So if it’s a battle of four players, three eggs will get filled with water.

Once the eggs have been randomly placed in the egg carton, the first player to go spins the spinner. There are four different types of spaces that the arrow may land on: Egg Yourself, Egg Another Player, Egg Yourself Twice, and Pass.

In order to keep the suspense of the game alive, players must use the first egg they touch and quickly crack it over their heads. Beware of sneaky strategizers who may try to pick up each egg to determine which have water in them. Though the eggs are made of a pretty thick plastic, holding the egg for more than a few seconds may giveaway whether or not there is water inside. For the most fun and suspenseful play, just grab an egg and give it a go.

It’s a fast-moving game that takes about 15 minutes to play. In order to optimize the fun, it can be played in different rounds to see who is the reigning champ.

Egged On is a new go-to backyard party game to keep kids laughing the entire summer. Kids will cross their fingers, take a chance, and prepare to get a little wet.