Eggdrop Delivers Toy Surprises to Your Home

The only thing better than finding and collecting surprise toys is having a whole bunch of them delivered right to your doorstep every month.

Eggdrop is a monthly subscription box service that delivers a surprise box to subscribers’ home addresses on the 10th of each month, typically arriving within a few days.

Every surprise box includes a random assortment of six surprise blind bags or collectible toys, which can include many of kids’ favorite franchises such as My Little Pony, Marvel, Shopkins, Funko Pocket Pop Vinyl figures, and so much more. While the excitement of trying to find a rare surprise toy is already thrilling on its own, the mystery piles on as Eggdrop constantly switches up which surprise toys will be delivered. The possibilities are endless as collections keep you guessing.There are a few different Eggdrop subscription plans to choose from. Signing up for monthly surprise boxes for $19.99 a month ensures that kids will receive one box a month. Individual surprise toys and mini-figures generally cost about $6 each, meaning parents and caregivers can save up to $16 helping their kids collect these trinkets.

The $199.99 yearly plan is costly, but will automatically set kids up with 12 boxes throughout the year and even saves you $40 over the monthly plan. Those with a pretty penny to spend can shell out for premium subscriptions. While these plans are more expensive than regular subscriptions, monthly premium for $29.99 and yearly premium for $299.99—the contents of a premium subscription can be custom-made to suit the preferences of any kid who cracks them open. Eggdrop boxes can also be shipped internationally.

Eggdrop is a fun and exciting way for kids to collect little toys. In the style of other popular surprise boxes like LootCrate, it provides kids with an air of mystery with each new package and gives them a special treat to look forward to every month that will brighten anyone’s day. Parents and caregivers can even give suggestions online for what kind of toys to include, so they can even further tailor their Eggdrops to suit their childrens’ needs. This hands-on experience with the toys that kids can receive can help parents and caregivers engage in their children’s interests and so that they can help to provide fun and fulfilling experiences for their kids.

What could you find in your Eggdrop box?



Manufacturer: Eggdrop
MSRP: 19.99-299.99

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