eeBoo encourages kids to let their creativity soar with the 24-piece Striped Biggies Color Pencils set and Great Illustrator Sketchbook. The pencils, suitable for kids ages 5 and up, come in a long tray that has a whimsical image of elf-like creatures carrying the “short… but jumbo” pencils that are as big as they are. The design on the box alone is a work of art, and is sure to inspire kids’ imaginations with its surreal and fun look.

The pencils themselves are the perfect size for little hands. Slightly longer than a golf pencil but nice and wide, they let young artists get a firm grasp as they make their mark. The 24 colors contain gorgeous shades of pinks, vibrant orange-reds, earthy moss, and beautiful blues. I also like the silver stripes along the shaft of each pencil—it’s a nice touch that alludes to the quality of the product. The set also includes a pencil sharpener—no more hunting around the house for one the right size! I also appreciate the dedicated spot for the sharpener molded right into the tray for safekeeping.

eeBoo’s Great Illustrator Sketchbook features the same elvish characters on the cover that grace the pencil box. Its top spiral-bound pages are sleek and smooth, and offer a wonderful surface for kids to fill in their designs without those dreaded texture marks that pencils and crayons can leave. The paper is so smooth that I was able to create color blocks that were nearly perfectly filled in and had a smooth, flat consistency in their hue. The sketchbook is suitable for kids ages 3 and up.

Little artists want quality supplies, and eeBoo helps them bring their masterpieces to life.