Sky Runner NXI’m always all about awesome R/C toys, so when I saw the Odyssey Sky Runner NX come across the office, it was calling my name. The quad helicopter from Odyssey Toys is part of the Odyssey Flying Machines line and meant to work on multiple surfaces, including the ground, wall, and ceiling. Not only does it do what it’s supposed to, but it also does all of it extremely well, which will keep kids entertained with a repeat play value.

Designed for kids ages 14 and up, this R/C is easy to fly and kids won’t have to worry about smacking the ground too hard or smashing the blades off by accidentally hitting an obstacle. The crash resistant rolling cage doubles as a protective shield and functions as a wheel, which encloses the super lightweight chassis. Plus, the cage is glow-in-the-dark! Assembly is also very simple—all you have to do is place the two pieces of the cage on the chassis and connect them with six axis gyros that provide more stable flight.

The Sky Runner NX is omnidirectional, meaning that it will travel in any direction. It will bounce or take off from any surface, climb a wall, and roll across the ground and ceiling. One of the best parts about this quadcopter is that you can play with it indoors and outdoors (just watch out for a lot of wind!). On top of the glow-in-the-dark cage, there is an LED light on the chassis that is perfect for night flight.

The product comes with a remote control, which lets you switch speed modes to fit beginner and advanced pilots, and a USB charger. The instructions say that it takes about an hour to charge, but mine took less than that, about 40 minutes. Each charge lasts about eight to 10 minutes. The packaging even includes an extra battery and replacement wings (let’s face it—we all crash). The spare parts are easy to swap out, and it’s simple to either slide out the battery or pop out a helicopter wing.

The Odyssey Sky Runner NX is a perfect addition to any R/C enthusiast’s collection or a great way for any beginner to acquaint him or herself with the R/C world. Watch it roll across the ceiling and be as googly eyed as I was!