DQ Lil' Blizzard Friends

When it comes to toy collaborations with restaurants, Dairy Queen (DQ) might be a little way down the list of what you’d expect. You could even call it a “surprise,” and that’s just one of the reasons why Sunny Days Entertainment’s collaboration with DQ works so well.

The company behind the popular Cupcake Surprise dolls rolled into the Toy Insider’s Sweet Suite event in New York City this summer with a new range of collectible dolls that, at first glance, look almost good enough to eat!

DQ Lil' Blizzard Friends

The DQ Lil’ Blizzard Friends line takes the familiar packaging of Dairy Queen’s iconic Blizzard frozen treats and packs the container with some cool surprises. Each cup includes a Lil’ Blizzard Friend doll, an outfit, and a set of interchangeable hair clips within a few blind bags. With 24 different Lil’ Blizzard Friends to collect, kids won’t know what to expect when they crack the pack.

DQ Lil Blizzards

What’s exciting about these is that there are a few different play patterns that extend the fun in different directions. At the start, kids have the popular blind-packed unboxing craze of the surprise toys movement. Then, with the DQ cup and its accompanying topper, kids have an actual play Blizzard to enjoy — perfect for role play, whether it is playing kitchen or playing house. The articulated dolls are more like small action figures, so kids can enjoy open-ended play that’s enhanced by the customization options of the included accessories. And, since everything is mix-and-match, kids can create new character combinations.

If you have little pranksters in the house, don’t be surprised to find a Lil’ Blizzard in the freezer on occasion.

DQ Lil’ Blizzard Friends can be found at retailers, including Kohl’s, Hot Topic, Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, JCPenney, and Amazon.