Salty the Black and White Hen and Slowpoke the Sloth | Source: Douglas Co./the Toy Insider

Spring is on the horizon!

Okay, maybe not yet, but we can at least get excited about the new spring line-up of plush toys from Douglas Co. — including a Valentine’s Day treat.

Slowpoke the Sloth is asking to be your sweetheart with a puffy, felt heart. We think he’d make the perfect gift this V-Day. As for the spring-themed launches, keep your eyes peeled for an 8-inch, white bunny named Bocci with long, floppy ears; a 5.5-inch, white bunny named Rosie with a bouquet of felt daisies; and an 11-inch, gray bunny named Bun Bun with a pink nose and a fluffy, white tail. Spunky the Hedgehog with Flower Headband is also joining in on the fun as a 5-inch plush hedgehog wearing a vibrant flower crown. All would make great gifts in any Easter basket.

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Douglas Co. is also launching three new Farm Animal Friends, including the 9-inch Salty the Black and White Hen, the 11-inch Softie the Pink Pig, and 6.5-inch Shiloh the Cream Lamb.

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, these plush animals are expected to hit stores later this month.