Doh Vinci Color Mixer, from Hasbro, is a set of three different colored dough tubes that kids can mix to create fun, colorful trails as they trace and draw on the included template. Kids get to assemble the color mixer by snapping together three colorful plastic parts. Kids then rotate the wheel to change colors, and press down on each one to fill the waiting empty tube below with the colored dough. This creates a fun, multi-colored tube for creative writing.

When the new tube is full, kids can take it and load it into the Styler. By squeezing the Styler, the colored dough comes out the nozzle, much like a glue gun. I found it very satisfying to watch the colors ooze out, randomly changing , twisting, and swirling through the dough. Kids can create their own designs, or can trace on the template, which features swirls, squiggles, and stars. Once the dough is dry, cleanup is easy—simply scrape the excess away and start again.