Equestria DollsDressed for another show-stopping performance, the DJ Pon-3 doll lets kids take part in the fun backstage by becoming her personal stylist. She is part of Hasbro’s line of licensed dolls from Rainbow Rocks, the upcoming sequel to the animated film My Little Pony Equestria Girls. In the film, DJ Pon-3’s character stands out in the music scene with her unique remixes of rhythms and songs.

Designed for kids ages 5 and up, the DJ Pon-3 doll comes with one outfit, two markers, a microphone stand, stencils, and a hairbrush. The artwork on her dress can be colored in, and  kids can create their own design. If they have trouble coming up with a design for the dress, this set also comes with a stencil with different patterns that are easy to trace and color. In addition, the bottoms of her shoes also double as a music note stamp that you can put on her outfit, or on any sheet of paper.

The most clever part of this set is the microphone that uses the marker as the stand. This is convenient for storage, and if they want to change up the color scheme. In addition, the outfits from the other dolls in this line are interchangeable, allowing kids to create the look they feel is suitable for each character.

Kids can also help DJ Pon-3 set up for her performance by setting her up with the microphone and making different poses with her moveable arms and legs. She also comes with a backstage pass with the Equestria Girls’ website, which gives kids access to games and other interactive content. These dolls are great for anyone who loves creativity, color, and coordinating their own show.

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