diy patriotic wreathFrom Memorial Day to Labor Day, I love to show my patriotic side with décor around the house that’s red, white and blue. This DIY patriotic wreath is a fun way to show your pride and patriotism for the USA.

I’m always looking for great affordable ways to decorate my home for holidays. I also want to have a personal touch and have the kids help as we talk about the colors of the flag and why we celebrate these summer holidays. So here is how to make it.

DIY Patriotic Wreath Supplies

Supplies Needed:

  • Pool Noodle
  • Three 9-foot strings of garland
  • Duck Tape
  • Hot Glue
  • Ribbon
Pool Noodle Wreath ideas

Here are the steps to make your DIY Patriotic Wreath:

Step 1:

Take the pool noodle and connect the ends to make a circle.

Step 2:

Use duck tape to attach the ends of the noodle together. You’ll want to wrap it a few times and make sure it’s secure.

Step 3:

Hot glue the end of the garland to the tape on the pool noodle.

Step 4:

Wrap the garland around the pool noodle covering any tape and so you can’t see that the base is a pool noodle.

PatriotiWreath from a Pool Noodle

Step 5:

As you finish with one garland just add the next by hot gluing it to the previous and on the noodle.

Step 6:

Finish the wreath by adding some ribbon to hang it.

Step 7:

Optional: add embellishments.

patriotic wreath diy

My kids liked the wreath just simple, but we could have added some cut-out stars, or ribbon or a little sign. What’s great is you make it as personal as you want it.

Overall this wreath cost about $5 to make and the kids have such pride in hanging it in our front porch. They love to tell friends that they made it and I love that it was something we were able to do together while we talked about what the red, white and blue colors mean. It can also be a great gift or use to decorate summer parade floats!