Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 3.41.29 PMDisruptus, from Funnybone Toys, inspires one or more players ages 10 and up to think outside the box and create, innovate, improve, and transform ordinary objects into new things. The player rolls the die, and completes a task based on their roll. I began by rolling “Create 2.” I drew two cards—a spiral notebook and a pair of scissors. Using these two objects, I “created” a pair of safety scissors, using the spiral coil to hold the sharp blades together when not actively in use. I then rolled “Improve,” and drew a washing machine card from the pile. How can I improve a washing machine? My improved machine washes a jumbo-sized load in five minutes, then transitions into a dryer and dries the clothes in 10 minutes. (Maybe I should consider crowd-funding this?) When I rolled the “Transform” side of the die, I drew the motorcycle card and transformed it into a fully-covered vehicle, for practical use while riding in bad weather. Finally, I rolled “Disrupt” and drew the hammock. The idea behind the “Disrupt” task is to come up with something that has the same purpose as a hammock but that isn’t an actual hammock. I came up with a picnic blanket that folds into a hammock shape, with sewn-in ropes to tie around a tree for an after-lunch snooze.

Disruptus is a fun way to challenge the mind and think critically. It’s a great game for the whole family, and the endless combinations for the “Create 2” roll give players something new each time.