During a panel at ReedPOP’s New York Comic Con in New York City, Walt Disney Pictures debuted the trailer for its new film, Tomorrowland, set for release next May.

The film stars Britt Robertson as Casey Newton, a seemingly misguided teen who lands herself in a prison waiting room and discovers a pin that seems to transport her to an alternate universe, where “anything is possible.” Check out the trailer below:

Writers of the film Brad Bird and David Lindelof kicked off the panel, moderated by Disney Live Action President Sean Bailey. The pair met on the set of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocal, and decided to team up on the Tomorrowland project. Lindelof compared the inspiration of the film, which quite obviously shares the same name as the futuristic thrill-ride section of Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, to that of Pirates of the Caribbean, since that four-film blockbuster franchise is also based on a Magic Kingdom attraction. Bird noted that they wanted the film to be a “discovery” movie: one where you see something and get inspired by it.

After a few minutes of dodging questions and revealing little about the film, the stars of Tomorrowland joined the panel, including Robertson, Raffey Cassidy (Athena), Hugh Laurie (David Nix), and George Clooney, who stars in the film alongside Robertson as mysterious inventor Frank Walker. “It is not lost on me that I am spending my honeymoon at Comic Con,” Clooney jokes after taking his seat on the panel.

New York Comic-Con At Javitz Center
Stars of Tomorrowland Raffey Cassidy (Athena), Britt Robertson (Casey Newton), Hugh Laurie (David Nix), and George Clooney (Frank Walker) discuss the upcoming Disney film at New York Comic Con. Photo: collider.com

His first time at New York Comic Con, the charismatic star humored audiences by condemning his brief stint as Batman in the late ’90s, attributing his less-than-inspired portrayal of the iconic superhero as his reason for never being invited to the east coast fan event—until now.

Clooney claims that Tomorrowland is “larger than most things I’ve ever been around,” and considering his film credits, including blockbusters Oceans Eleven, The Descendants, and Gravity, that is really saying something. Brimming with excitement, the audience was treated to another clip from the film, in which Casey seeks out Walker and asks him to take her to Tomorrowland. Walker resists, but the resilient teen camps out on his doorstep until Walker is forced to assist Casey in escaping robots disguised as overly smiley humans in a high-energy chase through his tricked-out home.

What does all of this mean? We can’t be sure, but one thing is certain—Disney fans have something new and exciting to look forward to next spring.