I’ve got three words for you: Bippidi. Bobbidi. Boo.

With the fabulous new Disney Princess Magical Wand Cinderella, from Jakks Pacific, kids can create magic with a wave of a wand—just like Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother. To help everyone’s favorite shoe-losing princess get ready for the ball, kids can wave the magical wand to transform Cinderella’s look. A short wave starts the magic, and will prompt Cinderella to speak one of 40 phrases that are just oh so Cindy.

The light up wand is extra magical because it adds a level of interactive play with the doll, further exercising those imaginative and creative storytelling muscles. When kids wave the wand longer, they can create a colorful and fab light show on her dress and she’ll sing “Bippidi Bobbidi Boo” or “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes.” By having different levels of magical experiences, kids stay engaged, and Magical Wand Cinderella solidifies itself as more than just a “watch me” doll. Plus, the cause-and-effect that kids see from how long they wave the wand—and therefore, how much magical power they amp up—gives them a way to control their magic.

Although a good portion of Cinderella’s legs are made up of the necessary sound and light box that allows the beautiful light show to happen, that doesn’t mean that she isn’t a great doll to play with without the wand as well. Her beautiful gown will have kids reliving the beautiful ball scene from the movie over and over again (you can even remove her shoes because #classicCindy). She has beautiful flowing blonde curly hair that I high-key envy. Her flowing locks also allow for tons of fun hair play as kids create brilliant up dos for our ball-going gal.

Disney Princess Magical Wand Cinderella will bring new magic into aspiring Fairy Godparents’ lives. Just make sure she gets back home by midnight!