FWIW: I don’t think that Disney’s Tangled gets enough hype.

There are so many great things about this movie: the music, Mandy Moore, the edgy dreamboat Flynn Rider, and—of course—its crown jewel, Maximus.

I love Maximus so much. He’s one of the saltiest, sassiest Disney characters of all time, and he has no dialogue. His facial expressions are on point and he is not here for any of your tomfoolery.

So I was happy to meet Jakks Pacific’s Playdate Rapunzel and Disney’s Maximus. These life-sized dolls are so cool, and let kids reenact their very favorite Tangled scenes with two of the movie’s stars.


The Playdate Rapunzel doll is 32 inches tall, and is fully articulated at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and knees. This lets kids really pose and play with Rapunzel, as opposed to other larger dolls who tend to be less movable. She also rocks her signature look—that pretty purple dress with her long, flowing, Rapunzel-y hair. To tame that mane, she also comes with a brush. Kids can remove her dress, shoes, and the included tiara to dress her up or down as they please.

Pro tip: When you’re taking her out of her packaging, parents, do so delicately! That hair is long, and very realistic. Your hastiness will result in, well, tangles.


Maximus stands more than two feet tall, so he’s the perfect-sized companion for kids (or for Playdate Rapunzel!). Maximus will really show off when kids pull his reins, responding with both motion and with sound effects. To never come into the wrath of Maximus’ sarcastic attitude, kids can feed him the included apple treat, and he’ll make chomping sounds and hold it in his mouth.

Maximus’ mane and tail are as long, blonde, and flowy as Rapunzel’s hair, so he also comes with a hairbrush—and fun accessories so that kids can deck him out. He also features a saddle bag in which kids can store all these goodies.

The two are sold separately, but they pair so well together, for obvious reasons. They’re perfect companions for your little royal.