There’s a new Disney princess in town, and she’s ready to rule her kingdom with the heart and mind of a true leader.

Princess Elena is a confident and compassionate teenager, who is now the crown princess of her enchanted fairytale kingdom inspired by diverse Latin cultures and folklore. Before she can become queen, she has to prove that she is fit to rule (after spending 41 years stuck in an amulet—small setback) chronicled in Disney Channel’s animated series, Elena of Avalor.

Now, kids can act out adventures and rule their own kingdoms with the Disney My Time Singing Elena of Avalor Doll, from Hasbro. The doll wears her signature adventure dress, just like she does in the TV show, decked out with ruffles, glitter, and a belt. Everything is super detailed, all the way from her flowery beret, earrings, and necklace, down to her stylish shoes. (Where can I get a pair? Asking for a friend.)

When kids press Elena’s gem on her necklace, she sings more than 30 seconds of “My Time,” which all kids will recognize from the show. This song’s chorus features empowering lyrics such as, “This is my time to stand up with honor and pride,” and “I’ve come too far to be denied.” #preach

But wait, there’s more! Elena also comes with a guitar accessory, which can be placed in various positions thanks to the swiveling arm strap. The texture and details of the guitar are also apparent, featuring the contours of a real guitar and even each individual string. The doll features super articulated arms, so she can hold the guitar as she belts out her song.

Elena is the ultimate role model for kids, and exhibits quick wit, standing up for what she believes in, and doing things for herself. She isn’t afraid to do what it takes to properly rule her kingdom, and kids will have a blast spending hours playing out fun stories with Elena by their side.

With an inspiring message, this doll lets kids jam out with one of their favorite princesses and encourages them to dream big.