🎶 It’s a full moon party, let’s get it started, can you believe, we’re living the scream! 🎶

If you’ve got it, haunt it, like the most spooktacular vampire on the block… Vampirina! In the Disney Junior show, Vampirina Hauntley is a friendly vampire gal just trying to fit in with her very human classmates. Inspired by her favorite band, The Scream Girls, Vampirina and her friends start their own band, called The Ghoul Girls. Every band needs a super cool tour bus to shuttle them between gigs, and Vampirina has one fit for a rock star with the Disney Junior Vampirina Rock ‘n Jam Touring Van, from Just Play, designed for kids ages 3 and up.

The van is full of spooky details, including door handles shaped like skeleton bones, a bat motif that shows up on the license plates, the hubcaps, on the steering wheel, and on the side mirrors, and spider web patterns throughout. The wheels really roll, so kids can play with it as a vehicle, and when Vampirina is ready for her next gig, the van transforms into a stage and rock star lounge for impromptu performances.

The side and back door fold out to turn the van into a larger play set. Kids can press the bat-shaped button on the roof to hear an impressive amount of phrases and sounds, including guitar riffs and the song “We’re Living the Scream” from the show. We smell a No. 1 hit in The Ghoul Girls’ future! Vampirina also says things such as “Poppy sounds scary good on the drums. The Ghoul Girls rock,” and “Let’s get ready to rock and roll. Or should I say, rock and ghoul!”

One of the coolest features is the magical rising stage. Press down on the top to make it rise up from inside the van to the top of the roof while playing music with flashing lights, like that exciting moment when a rock star rises up from beneath the stage at a concert.

The set includes two figures: one of Vampirina and one of her friend Poppy, both decked out in glittery outfits. The Vampirina figure has a spot beneath her feet so kids can attach her to the rising platform, and the flashing lights even illuminate her purple skin when she’s ready to rock out. To add to the squad, parents can also purchase the Disney Junior Vampirina Fangtastic Friends Figure Set, which comes with 10 characters and accessories including Vampirina’s parents, Oxana and Boris, Wolfie the dog, Phoebe the Cat, Buttons the cuddle monster, and more.

To create Vampirina’s rock star lounge, the driver’s seat swings out into a sofa, and the bunk beds flip up to reveal spider web speakers. There are also movable piano keys that can be used as a musical themed spiral staircase.

The set includes all the spooky musical accessories that every ghoulish rock star needs, including a spookylele (like a ukulele, but spookier!), a drum set with drumsticks, a skeleton mic stand, spider web headphones, and more. When the gig is over, all the accessories fit back into the van, so it also acts as a storage case to keep all the pieces in one place.

Kids will have a front row seat AND a backstage pass to the spookiest concert of the year when Vampirina rolls into town!