The new Discovery Galactic Fizzing Dig is full of gems to discover.

This STEM learning kit, from Horizon Group, teaches kids about how gemstones are formed, and lets them uncover some of their own. Inside the three included galactic rocks are six gemstones for kids to unearth—amethyst, blue crystal, green fluorite, white turquoise, lapis lazuli, and red jasper.

There are two ways to uncover your hidden gems, you just have to pick your route!

Dig In

The first way is to dig them out using the excavation tools provided in the kit. The instructions recommend laying down newspaper to cover your work area, and I whole-heartedly agree. Chipping away at this rocks will cause a bit of a dusty mess, so make sure you have something in place to help clean up easily.

Take your mallet and chisel, with the flat edge side on the rock, and start hammering away to reveal the gemstones. This step takes a little while to reveal all of the stones, so you have to be committed to your cause. Once the gemstones are revealed, they can be rinsed off and patted dry, so that you can use the magnifying glass to get a closer look.

Pop and Fizz

Instead of hacking away with the chisel and mallet, you may want to pop and fizz away the rock from your gemstones. For this, you’ll need a bowl of water, about ¾ of the way full. Make sure the water is warm for the best results.

Place the rocks into the water and watch them bubble and fizz (think: like a bath bomb). As the rock dissolves away, the bubbles will begin to fade as well. Once all the bubbling has stopped, you can dig your hands in the colored water to find the gemstones.

The instructions teach kids about how gemstones are created, and also some fun facts about them as well. Kids will love the fun shapes that the rocks come in, and also collecting the gemstones from inside. This fun activity has easy setup, and relatively easy cleanup, so it’s little hassle for parents.

Dig, fizz, and discover with the Discovery Galactic Fizz Dig.