Creating art is cool, but creating art that moves is even cooler.

Kids can now make their own endless, mesmerizing designs with Horizon Group USA‘s Discovery 3D Motion Sandscape. Made for kids 8 and up, the kit comes with everything kids need to put together, learn about, and then swirl their new, hypnotizing fluid art. Best of all, kids will learn all about the swirling patterns and the science behind it, such as how this phenomena is called a turbulent eddie. See, I’m already smarter 😉!

Setting up the experiment takes less than 10 minutes, so you’ll be turnin’ and twistin’ your sandscape in no time. Follow the instructions to pour four bags of sand into the flat, circular disc, clean the sand with soapy water (this step is crucial to prevent your sand from looking muddy), and then fill it back up again with more soapy water. The sand comes in white, orange, red, and black, mimicking the colors of eroded sand from caves and canyons.

Kids can place their sandscape on the stand and start rotating the frame to create some amazing designs. They’ll learn some of the basics behind gravity, density, and properties of physics, all while being totally mesmerized! Not only is it just really dang pretty to look at, but I found myself rotating the disc over and over again because it was so relaxing and meditative.

The kit also comes with a large poster for kids to hang up in their rooms and learn some more really cool facts about sand in motion IRL. Did you know that sand is mostly made of silicon dioxide in the form of quartz? Now you do!

Kids will be as fascinated as I was while watching the different whirly and twirly geometric designs and learn why they happen with this 3-D motion kit.