Dino Crunch | Source: Goliath Games

Certain play trends are cyclical and a BIG one that comes and goes every few years is rooted in the prehistoric era: anything involving dinosaurs.

The reason is probably pretty simple in that there’s always a new crop of kids coming along to take interest in dinos. That said, some of the best toys and games transcend generations — and Dino Crunch falls firmly into that category.

To some, Dino Crunch is a “new” game, but in reality it’s been marketed for more than a decade under other names, including Dino Meal. So if it looks familiar, you’re not wrong! It’s a staple in game closets because of its instant appeal.

In Dino Crunch, 2-4 players ages 4 and up are on a mission to rescue dinosaur eggs from a ferocious T. rex that’s stolen them from other dinos and put them in its nest. Now, I had some questions about this, particularly in what would motivate a dinosaur to steal another’s eggs instead of just eating them on the spot, but that’s not important. What is important is that this mighty creature is towering over a leaf-covered nest that’s packed with colorful eggs that don’t belong to it.

Dino Crunch is ready to strike! | Source: the Toy Insider

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Kids roll the included die to discover which stolen egg to rescue. Using the included tweezers, kids lift up the leaf and attempt to swipe the egg without the T. rex getting angry and lashing out at them. Younger players can build fine motor skills as they attempt to mount their rescue.

The gameplay is simple, but there are two ways to play. Kids can play as “last man standing” until every player has been eliminated, taking turns and passing to the left until someone gets the CRUNCH! Conversely, kids can count the eggs at the end of the game and the player with the most eggs wins.

Having played this with my own kids, they’re big fans of the “jump scare” element of avoiding the dino’s wrath!

If you’re looking for a game that’s quick and easy to play, Dino Crunch offers big fun in a small space with little time commitment. And, when the T.Rex is defeated, the game packs neatly back into its box for easy storage and that’s another win!