There are few things worse than going to a movie alone. And with Despicable Me 3 hitting theaters on June 30, no one wants to show up without their crew at their side.

With the new Despicable Me Mineez, from Moose Toys, kids can roll up to the theater with an entire army of minions…in their pockets. As the first collectible line for the Despicable Me franchise, Mineez has more than 75 figures in series one featuring all the beloved characters, plus a few new ones.

The tiny, squishy Mineez come in blind packs, three-packs, and six-packs, all decked out by the recognizable yellow of the Minions. But it’s not just Minions that come in these packs. There are numerous different themes to the collection, hitting all the major characters in the “family” figures, plus “Minions through time,” “vacation,” “Minions in jail,” “Minions on strike,” “luau,” “cheese festival,” and “mower Minion.” There are also the limited edition “golden Minions” and the “ultra lost” Unigoat, which is one of the exclusive pieces for the new movie.

The Mineez line goes beyond the smaller collectibles, however. Also new are the Despicable Me Micro Hangers and plush, both of which have clips for kids to hang on a backpack or keyring. Both the hangers and plush have 12 different characters to collect in the first series, all packaged as blind packs to add to the mysterious Minion mischief.

Whether it’s a plush, hanger, or mini collectible, all of the items in the Mineez line are detailed with the personality that comes along with the franchise. Each character’s expression is fit with humor, mischievousness, and each is complete with a uniquely silly outfit. Just like in the films, you never quite know what to expect from Gru, Kevin, Bob, and the others.

The mix of the familiar characters with the new themes makes the Mineez line quite expansive. Collectibles for kids don’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon, and the Mineez are great to put on display or yell “Bee-Doo” with as we all eagerly await the newest installment of the Illumination Entertainment franchise.