After a small delay, the DC Kids Fandome event is finally taking place this weekend on a computer near you.

A new trailer boasts an event where families can laugh, create, and celebrate with their favorite DC characters. The 24-hour virtual experience will begin at 10 a.m. PDT on, a separate address than the rest of the DC Fandome event.

Kids can expect a number of panels, clips, and more throughout the day. Check out some of the items on the schedule below!

  • Teen Titans Go! Cast Table Read and Panel: Kids join the cast of Teen Titans Go! and learn what it takes to make the show.
  • Ask the Titans: Surely they have the answer you’re looking for.
  • Batman Carpool: LEGO Batman talks with Future Batman who talks with Batman who talks with Bat — my head hurts.
  • Beyond Batman: Batman watches crazy clips of the old live-action Batman series.
  • Brick Builders: Brick-builder Nathan Sawaya gets creative with a LEGO Batmobile, Beast Boy, Bumblebee, and Robin.
  • Batman 101: Kids learn the basics of the Batsuit, Dynamic Duo, Joker, Robin, and vehicles of the bat-series.
  • How to Draw: Get creative and learn how to draw six different characters! Kids will also be able to learn how to make comic books.
  • DC Read-Along, DC Karaoke, DC Oragami
  • DC Super Hero Girls — Lairs: Jessica Cruz (aka Green Lantern) spotlights the biggest names of Metropolis High School in this video column. Kids can get to know the super personalities of Supergirl and more.
  • Teen Titans Go! Fitness: Even super-humans eat their broccoli!

DC Kids Fandome is sure to be a *super* event. We’ll see you there!