Name a Disney Princess scene more iconic than when Belle enters the ballroom in her gold gown. I’ll wait.

Hasbro’s Dance Code featuring Disney Princess Belle lets kids recreate this beloved scene from Beauty and the Beast and personally choreograph Belle’s moves. Young royals will bring a little Disney magic to playtime, while they are introduced to fun coding techniques.

Once kids download the Dance Code app and connect it to the doll via Bluetooth, Belle’s dance routines will be right at their fingertips. There are several different ways for kids to play in the app, and different characters have different coding methods for kids to perfect. With a little coding, choreographers’ visions will come to life as they send Belle forward, backward, in circles, as well as make her perform various delightful arm movements. While kids labor over their coding creations, Belle will utter entertaining phrases to let them know she is ready to dance.

For instance, Lumière’s mode resembles block coding and lets coders drag and drop commands on a music sheet. After they finish, Belle will enchant the room and perform each command to the tune of a song from Beauty and the Beast. They can also save their dances and create different coding combinations for Belle to perform.

Mrs. Potts and Chip’s coding activity encourages kids to connect the dots to create dance patterns for the golden goddess to perform. This mode is particularly fun because once completed, each connect-the-dots activity is actually the outline to a character or accessory from the movie, such as Belle’s dress. First, kids drag their finger to connect the dots in the correct sequence. Once they have accomplished that, the challenge doesn’t stop there. Now, kids must select the motions that they want the princess to perform, being sure to match up the correct colors with each step. As kids continue to advance, more sequences are added to each picture, challenging kids to pay attention to the exact order and correct motion.

The last mode with Cogsworth lets coders get creative, as they freely drag their finger to draw any shape or pattern that they want Belle to complete. Once they pick up their finger from their drawn sequence, they will not be able to add to it without starting over.

In addition to the exciting coding game that kids can play in the app, Belle also comes with tons of play value. The brunette beauty features more than 100 interactive phrases, and kids can press her necklace once to watch her perform one of 10 different dance routines. A double tap on her necklace will also initiate a dance sesh where Belle will instruct her playmates how to dance along to some of their favorite songs from the movie.

It’s never too early to get kids building those STEM skills, and Dance Code Belle takes kids’ love for Disney Princess and seamlessly merges it with the amazing world of coding.