Get ready to curl, embellish, and design with CurliGirls from Basic Fun! Kids ages 3 and up become hairdressers as they transform this collectible doll’s hair into a funky, curly ‘do!

Each doll starts with a head of perfectly straight, stringy strands. When kids pull the hair gently, it will coil back into tight curls. The set also includes a curling tool that clamps onto the hair which kids can also use to pull and curl. The hair can snap back when pulled too hard, so be sure to be gentle!

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Based on which part of the strand kids pull and how long they hold before releasing, the doll’s can end up as loose curls or tightly coiled ringlets. While it can be difficult at first to control which part of the strand curls, with more practice, kids can create any ‘do they dream of. The hair has to be curled one stand at a time, ensuring that kids spend a lot of time enjoying this toy. Kids can also turn the CurliGirl’s head to look in any direction while the rest of her body stands perfectly still throughout her makeover, which makes the styling process very easy. 

While curling, kids can string eight included, colorful beads into the doll’s hair and curl them into place. Just don’t shake the doll too hard after, or the beads could fall out! If beads do get lost during play, traditional craft beads can work as a replacement for even more flair! Finally, there is a sparkly hair clip to perfectly end the doll’s salon experience. The box also includes a stand so kids can show off and display their masterpiece. 

Kids will need an adult’s help with the next step: Fill a bowl with warm (not hot!) water. Then, dunk the doll’s hair in to take out the curls so that kids can create a whole new style! While the hair never fully straightens again, there is plenty of room for reinvention and restyling with these dolls. 

Each doll also comes with its own persona, including a distinct style, outfit, color scheme, and name. Kids can choose their favorite from the five varieties — the birthday girl, the pop star, the ballerina, the fashionista, and the jetsetter — because the theme is displayed right on the window box. Some even come with pets, with have their own fur to curl and style! The instructions pamphlet also includes inspiration for different themed hairdos to try on each girl. 

A large part of playtime with this toy is trying out different techniques to curl the hair into different styles. This may require help from the instructions manual, so adults may need to assist younger kids at first as they learn how to become master CurliGirl stylists.

Overall, CurliGirls offer a unique hairstyling experience full of interesting textures and movements for kids to explore. The dolls leave a lot of room for kids’ creativity to shine through as they practice fine motor skills and unleash their creative freedom! They just may find a new favorite hairstyle to try on themselves!