Crystal Palace Playset

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: the time to build wintry-themed castles, of course!

Kids embark on a dazzling, frosty adventure as they build the Crystal Palace Playset, from Playmobil, immersing themselves in magic and mystery. The playset includes almost 300 pieces, so it will take kids (and parents) some time and patience to get it all set up. While kids may be anxious to get through the building so they can start their creative adventures, it’s important not to rush through construction. The stairs and stickers are particularly tricky, so take your time getting those situated!

Once the playset is ready for play, kids will definitely be engaged for a while thanks to the tons of accessories included; they really extend the play value of the Crystal Palace Playset and serve as fodder for kids’ imaginations. It includes figures, a throne, interchangeable outfits, a bed, a rocking chair, a bejeweled scepter, a rug, a candelabra, a vanity, ice flowers, a love letter, a quill, a magical key, and lots of other accessories.

Crystal Palace Playset

Kids can make the figures approach the front gates and then lift the gemstone shield to lower two magical icicles and block their entry — until the guards determine whether or not they can enter. Inside, the queen sits on a throne while magical lights (powered by three AAA batteries sold separately) flicker up through the ice floor.

Playmobil’s Crystal Palace encourages kids to work together toward a common goal to build the playset and helps them foster relationships as they play through their shared role-play experience. It’s a win for parents and kids, too!