Stepping stones are the perfect way to add a personal touch to your home garden.

When I was a kid, I remember casting a stepping stone with my dad, and we’d use all kinds of different stuff to decorate them: leftover gems from my homemade bedazzled jean jacket (it was the ’90s!), seashells that we found walking on the beach on vacation that summer, cool stuff we’d find at a craft store, etc. Then, when they are all nice and customized, Dad would put them in the garden to spruce things up a bit. It was really cool to have something you made on display like that—and guess what—it still is.

With the Creative Roots Paint Your Own Mosaic Stepping Stone, from Horizon Group, kids can create and personalize their own beautiful stepping stone. Here’s the beauty of this kit: It already contains a fully molded stone, so you can skip the mess. Kids start with a 7-inch ladybug, sun, or butterfly stepping stone, each kit sold separately.

The kit also comes with six paint pots in different colors. Kids can mix up the different paint colors to create their own shades to paint with. Look at that! Color mixing lessons! Kids can learn while they’re having fun and stretching their artistic and creative brains. A paintbrush is also included, so kids have everything they need to start creating right out of the box.

Once it’s done, kids can either display the stepping stones indoors or outside. However, if you do decide to display it in an outdoor yard or garden, make sure you quickly apply an exterior varnish (not included!) so that it’s protected from the weather and nature. If they want, kids can also display them inside in potted plants or on a shelf.

Add a personal family touch to your garden this summer with one of the Creative Roots Paint Your Own Mosaic Stepping Stones.