Kids can build sand (and snow!) castles like never before.

Create A Castle molds provide kids with a frustration-free way to build elaborate castles, towers, and more—because nothing ruins a day at the beach quite like a faulty sand castle.

Create A Castle was invented with the goal in mind to make it easier and faster to build an elaborate sand castle, so that kids wouldn’t get bored or tired—or lose interest and give up—partway through. These pre-molded pieces make it way easier to build up any castle or creation kids can imagine.

With all these pre-molded pieces, kids no longer have to do the “pack and flip over” method of building a sand castle. They just buckle the pieces together and pack them full of sand. Want a taller castle? Great—the pieces stack on top of each other to build towers.

Designed for kids ages 6 and up, all of the pieces in the Create A Castle set are big and chunky, so even the littlest sand and snow architects can get in on the building fun. Once all of the molds are stacked and packed, kids can use the multi-tool to level out all their layers. Then they can unbuckle their molds from the top down to reveal their sand castle masterpiece.

All the molds already have patterns on them—such as brick patterns—so you no longer have to draw on your castle by hand to give it more dimension. Parents will love that all of your Create A Castle pieces pack up nicely into a mesh bag for easy transport to and from the beach!

Not in the right climate for a beach day? No worries—the Create A Castle set also works just as well in the snow.

Get ready to build up the castle of your dreams with Create A Castle.