You can become a true BuildMaster! | Source: the Toy Insider

The company that reinvented the construction of sand castles just did it again.

Create A Castle first hit the scene a few years back with an innovative mold kit that kids and families can use to build castles made of sand or snow outside. Since then, the company refined its initial offering, won a Toy of the Year (TOTY) Award, and was named a top summer toy by our team at the Toy Insider.

Now, with the Create A Castle BuildMaster Indoor Activity Kit, kids can create incredibly detailed tabletop castles with a proprietary sand compound and mold system for no-mess fun!

Pack the sand tightly for incredibly detailed creations. | Source: the Toy Insider

Each set comes with 2.65 lbs of Castle Magic sand or snow, six custom molds, three keys, and an assortment of accessories, including tower toppers and a pack and design tool.

At first glance, you may think that the sand or snow is similar to other reusable compounds on the market, but it is not. My oldest daughter quickly noticed that Castle Magic sand doesn’t “flow” like other compounds and that it’s sort of sticky or “gummy.” The reason for this is that it’s designed to hold its shape while taking on the intricate details of the included molds.

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To start building, kids lock a mold using one of the included keys and begin packing sand or snow into it. One pro tip is that the pack and design tool should be used to tightly pack the first 1/4-inch or so of compound in each mold to really ensure success. Once the mold is packed, simply flip it over, unlock the key, and open it up to reveal a column or wall. From there, you just keep building, increasing the size of the structure and embellishing it with toppers or handmade details.

The BuildMaster Kit is pretty fantastic. | Source: the Toy Insider

While the set is designed to bring the sand castle experience indoors, our family enjoyed building outside on our picnic table using the included playmat as a foundation. Once built, a castle can hold its shape to be displayed for up to two weeks!

And, provided you store unused compound in one of the included bags, it won’t dry out so kids can keep building and demolishing new kingdoms for tons of fun again and again.

Which will you choose to build: a humble castle or a mighty fortress? The choice is yours!