As Peter Pan once said, “Think of the happiest things, it’s the same as having wings.” So, you can only imagine that if you had your own wings, your happiness would be an even more wonderful thing! Grab some pixie dust and take flight in imaginative and role play with these Cozy Wings, from Jay@Play.

Cozy Wings are fabric wings with slits within the interior of each wing. Slide your hands through each one to sport a set of wing, then flap or flutter around the room—or wrap around your body for a cozy blanket for movie night.


The fabric is light enough to have the wings flutter prettily, but the super soft microfiber material is substantial enough for handle playroom romps. Hands are easily accessible so kids can read, play, snack, and more while wearing them, because sometimes you don’t want to stop being a fairy just because it is dinner time. If dribbles and spills happen to get on the double-sided fabric, no worries—Cozy Wings are machine-washable.

Designed for kids ages 2 and up, the Cozy Wings feature a wing span of about 50 inches wide and 20 inches tall so each set of wings fit most kids. There are 10 designs with a rainbow of colors—whether you want to be a fairy, a butterfly, a spider, a dragon or a spaceship.

Having a few in a playroom lets kids reach for them to be whatever suits their imagination that day (or that minute). Getting several can be fun for a themed birthday party, including using them as an activity and as a take home gift. Use as an accessory for a Halloween costume! At-home caregivers and grandparents will love having these on hand when kids visit. They offer great play value and easily fold away while the kids are away. Grandma or Grandpa may want to pick up one of the adult sizes so they can follow in the fantasy, too!

If giving one as a gift, use the secret compartment to hide a book mark, trinket, or a little note encouraging kids to soar and let their imaginations fly.