Act Like an Animal with Copy Coco

Polly want a cracker? Scratch that – Coco want a cracker? Coco the parrot takes center stage in Copy Coco, the interactive game for children ages 4 and up, from KD Games.

Up to four players can gather around Coco, the lively talking parrot who acts as the centerpiece of the game. There are three different ways to play: Copy Mode, Challenge Mode, and Speed Mode so kids can try them all to find out who has what it takes to be the king or queen of the jungle.

In Copy Coco mode, kids will place the included cards animal side up. Each card has a cartoon animal printed on it, along with the animal name. Coco will mimic a variety of silly animal sounds – you didn’t think he only spoke parrot, did you?

Children will be delighted with their new talking bird, and even more delighted when they realize they’ll get a chance to speak the language of the animal kingdom. Each player will take turns repeating the animal sound Coco makes, and Coco will listen using voice recognition technology. This is every kid’s chance to unleash his or her wild side and let out a roar, howl, oink, or other wildlife noises.

Coco will decide if kids’ animal impressions are on point using his LED light that will flash green for a correct answer or red for a wrong answer. If kids repeat the animal sound correctly, they will collect the corresponding animal card for their stash, which includes beasts like lions, tigers, wolves, elephants, monkeys, and more.

Sometimes, Coco will prompt a player to make an animal sound that was already heard in the game. If a player repeats that sound correctly, he or she can steal the corresponding animal card from the player that currently has it. Gotta keep the competition on their toes!

The more cards each player accumulates, the better, because the player with the most cards at the end of the game wins! The game ends after Coco has finished all his animal noise challenges. Copy Coco Mode is simple enough that it can even be played with just one person, making it an ideal way to entertain an only child.

In Challenge Mode, kids will place the deck of cards animal side up again, then take turns repeating the animal sounds Coco makes, like in Copy Coco Mode, but this time they will add a second task – to act out the action photos on the other side of the cards, too. The cartoon photos will instruct players to “stick out your tongue,” “pinch your nose,” or “put two fingers in your mouth” (kids, or parents, might want to make sure all hands are clean first).

Any player that repeats the animal sound and completes the action correctly will collect the corresponding card. Each player will count up the total number of points written on their cards and the player with the most points at the end of the game wins. Preschoolers will especially enjoy this round, with the chance to act out the pictures they see in front of them in addition to making funny noises.

It’s all about the need for speed in Speed Mode. This round is ideal for older kids who can handle a little competition. To play, kids will place all the animal cards face up and press Coco’s speed key. Coco will make as many animal sounds as he can in a random order, like a hyper parrot that had one too many cups of coffee. Whoever is the first to recognize the animal must grab the matching card first before someone else beats them to it. The player that ends up with the most cards is the winner.

Copy Coco is great for preschoolers who are just starting to learn about things like following directions, counting, and the animal kingdom. The game lasts 15 to 30 minutes so it’s easy to fit in a few rounds anytime without tiring kids out or worrying about them getting bored. It will help little ones with social interaction, imaginative role-playing, and some friendly competition, all with the help of their friendly parrot teacher. Go ahead, take a walk on the wild side.



Manufacturer: KD Games
MSRP: $19.99

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