The CoComelon Boo Boo JJ Plush comes with a bandage case that includes three CoComelon-themed bandages! | Source: Jazwares/the Toy Insider

When you’re a kid, sometimes taking a tumble can be a little bit scary, but kids’ CoComelon BFF JJ is here to show them it’s OK!

With the CoComelon Boo Boo JJ Plush from Jazwares, kids will learn how to make JJ feel better when he gets a boo boo. JJ will show kids where he’s hurt — his head, elbow, knee, or foot — through the area lighting up for preschoolers to quickly save the day.

The included bandage case comes with three fun CoComelon-themed bandages for kids to use to help heal JJ. When JJ starts to cry, kids can cure his boo boo by applying the bandage over the lit-up area, then wait for him to giggle and say, “Yay, my boo boo is gone!” or other fun phrases to let kids know it’s all better. 

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In addition to learning about how to handle things that make kids say “ouch,” they’ll also learn about cause and effect with the interactive responses from JJ, which is perfect to help preschoolers develop new skills. They’ll also have to practice their dexterity and motor skills to apply the bandages on the lit-up spots. 

When kids press JJ’s belly, he’ll also sing “The Boo Boo Song” from CoComelon, which teaches kids that boo boos hurt, but with a bandage and a kiss, you’ll feel better in no time. 

This doll is the perfect way for kids to learn about healing boo boos and develop nurturing and caretaking skills. Plus, they get to do it with their bestie JJ, who always makes learning fun!