All things in life are better with a click—including the newest line from Magformers.

Clicformers are a new way for kids to build and construct. Unlike traditional Magformers pieces, which easily snap together with magnets, Clicformers connect in four different ways—and you’ll hear a satisfying “click” every time the pieces are in place correctly.

Each standard Clicformers piece has four sides, with either one or two prongs on each end. The Basic 150Pc Set also comes with additional connectors, such as curved and rounded pieces and wheels, for kids to create anything from vehicles, airplanes, animals, and more.

There are four different connection methods to click, stack, fold, and roll, so kids can let their imaginations run free as they build anything that they can imagine. Connect the pieces flat together, pivot them anywhere up to a 90 degree angle, stack pieces in the middle of two adjacent pieces, or connect them side by side. These simple yet versatile pieces make it easy to construct, especially being able to move the pieces at different angles.

This 150-piece set comes with enough connectors for kids to make large, elaborate builds, or many smaller builds. The included guide includes tons of ideas for kids to make, such as a sailing ship, a robot, a penguin (my personal favorite), or kids can go off the books and make up their own designs, the best part about building!

Clicformers will provide little builders with a new, unique way to create and click their ideas together. What will you clic(k) next?!