Circuit Explorer 2

Space may be the final frontier — but the adventure is just beginning for curious explorers.

The new Circuit Explorer sets from Educational Insights are amazing, space-themed kits that introduce kids to the basics of circuit building. The three out-of-this-world playsets include Rocket, Rover, and Deluxe Base Station builds that make all of the complexities of STEM concepts like circuitry simple, easy to digest, and — most importantly — fun.

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These building kits are kid-friendly — kids simply connect the circuit pieces correctly by following the symbols on the outside to make sure they’re lined up. The bonus is that they are circuitry symbols are super easy to understand, so kids won’t feel frustrated as they build, encouraging them to continue learning. The 3D circuit pieces also make it safe for kids to build, there’s no wires or exposed pieces — just chunky pieces that kids can comfortably handle on their own, so they can play independently.

The pieces seem like they’re going to make more of a “snap” sound as they were put together, so make sure as you’re building you have all the pieces together all the way for the best results. The durable, larger pieces are easy for little hands to maneuver, so kids ages 6 and up will be able to build up these circuit-fueled sets with ease.

Circuit Explorer

Once the sets are built, they can hit the power button to start lights, sounds and motion, sparking their curiosity and their desire to learn how things work. Each set includes an astronaut and a robot figure as well, so they become playsets afterward — meaning the fun doesn’t just stop at building. They can use their imaginations to create their own out-of-this-world adventures.

Circuit Explorer sets prove that when you connect fun and learning, you can spark a whole new galaxy of possibilities.