Get ready for your next big construction job!

The Cat Junior Operator Multi-Machines, from Toy State, lets kids build up class Cat machines, or create their own. This set comes fully loaded—ready with all of the parts for kids to build a dump truck, a wheel loader, or a bulldozer. All of the pieces are super chunky, which is great for the little hands that the set is designed for. Inside the set is a screwdriver specially designed for preschool builders so that kids can put together the construction machines they need to get the job done. All of the “screws” are super large (and plastic!) so that they’re easy for kids to place and turn in with the screwdriver. The sets go together pretty easily, but it’s still enough “work” for kids to have fun with. They learn some basic life skills and the foundations for using tools, and some of those great quick life hacks like “righty tighty, lefty loosey.”

The instructions are incredibly easy to follow and word-free—it’s all pictures! They clearly show kids how to put each vehicle together, each in three quick steps.

Once they’re built up, kids then have sturdy little push vehicles to role play with. They can scoop, dump, or bulldoze their way through their very own work site. Kids can also sit the included machine operator figure in any of the vehicles or have him stand and work on the site.

It’s then super easy for kids to take their machines apart to build up a new one. After they’ve built up all the suggested machines, kids can get a little creative. At a job site and don’t have exactly the right machine? No problem—just build up your very own! Kids can mix and match the pieces to build up the custom machine that they need. Although they can only build up one machine at a time, building and take apart time is quick and easy, so this set will keep kids busy for plenty of play time.

The whole set is packed up on a reusable carrying case that is great for little builders to take their kit on the go. It also serves as a quick and easy clean-up and storage for parents who are looking to maintain some sort of semblance of organization in their home.