captain underpants netflix

Kids have an epic choice to make.

Netflix has found a niche with special choose-your-own-adventure episodes across different streaming shows. The interactive trend continues with the returning The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants animated series, based on the popular book series and the 2017 film of the same name.

Next month, the streaming service will premiere an interactive special for the animated program, and this time it’s up to kids to be the heroes and save the day!

Throughout the DreamworksTV episode, titled “Epic Choice-O-Rama,” various choices will pop up on the screen so kids can pick their own adventure, weapons, and make other decisions to complete the heroic, epic story. Fight or flight? Ice cream or apples?

The undie-wearing superhero needs a little help with his decision-making — and he’s leaving it in kids’ hands to help George and Harold save their beloved treehouse “and maybe even the world,” an ominous voiceover adds in the trailer.

Check out the full trailer below ahead of the special’s Feb. 11 release.