bonkers ryan

Ahoy, Mateys! Who’s ready to search for buried treasure? “X” marks the spot, but Ryan needs your help to discover his pirate booty!

Kids ages 3 and up can go on a pirate adventure with YouTube sensation Ryan, of Ryan ToysReview, with the latest unboxing toy from Bonkers Toys. With Cap’n Ryan’s Mega Mystery Treasure Chest, kids can get into the adventurous spirit with Ryan and his crew as they hit the seven seas. 

Unbox the plastic treasure chest (with the right key, of course) and discover the mystery surprises hidden inside. When kids pop open the lid, they’ll find a row of eight compartments with individual blind bags to open and reveal. Each blind bag includes pirate-themed gear, tools, and toys. Such mystery toys include keys to the chest’s compartments, sand-digging tools, mini pirate figures of Ryan and his crew (with swappable parts and mini accessories), plastic gold coins, a kid-sized eye patch, a ribbon headscarf, and colored mystery putty (five in total) in a gem-shaped case. With each chest, kids can collect three of six possible figures based on Ryan, Combo Panda, Gummy Gus, and the rest of the sailing squad.

The packaging is themed for pirate fun, including special gold blind bags to hide the treasures inside.


After those surprises are revealed, the unboxing continues: Kids can take the eight-piece compartment tray out to discover what’s underneath. It may be difficult to remove at first due to the plastic seal, so users may need to pull hard to pry it off. Under the tray, kids will find two more blind bags (one wrapped like a gold bar), a Cap’n Ryan’s Dig N Discover Treasure, and a mystery toy vehicle.

The S.S. Ryan ship, one of the three vehicles kids can find, includes a mini surprise hidden underneath the barrel on the deck. To retrieve it, kids will need to use one of the three keys found in the blind bag to unlock the trapdoor and discover the mystery miniature toy inside the smaller treasure chest. Then, they can use the digging tool to shovel through the gold bar-shaped sand and the surprise inside. Spoiler alert: It’s a piece to the golden Build-A-Ryan pirate figure.

There are more surprises in store, too! Another locked compartment inside the chest lid includes dress-up gear for the little pirate’s excursions. Using the felt pirate hat and a foam sword, kids can role play their seafaring expeditions and use the chest to hide other precious treasures and gems.


When playtime is over and it’s time for young pirates to head ashore, kids can repack their pirate booty into the chest, which makes a nice-sized storage container, and then carry it around using the two handles on either side.

The treasure chest will be available at Target and features exclusive game codes for an online pirate adventure in PW Games’ Tag With Ryan game.