BubbleFew things are more captivating than bubbles. No matter what part of the world they are from, or what century they were born in, all kids lose their self-control when they see these magical orbs of fun rise into the air. But now, bubbles do more than just look awesome–they taste awesome.

Candylicious Bubbles, from Little Kids, are bubbles that kids can actually eat. Yes, I know! Science has taken a giant leap once again. Soap, be gone! Candylicious bubbles are available in four yummy flavors, including grape, tutti-frutti, cherry, and bubblegum. Each pack comes with flavored bubble solution, a bubble wand, and a Bubble ninja character stopper. Kids can squeeze the squishy Bubble Ninja to watch him stick his tongue out. I must confess, this may or may not be just as satisfying as eating the bubbles.

Of course, once kids get started with bubble play, they can do all the regular things they have done with bubbles for centuries. For instance, they can blow them, chase them, catch them, freeze them, poke them, blow bubbles inside bubbles, or even have a bubble blowing competition. But now, kids can stick out their tongues just like the bubble ninja and try to gobble up the bubbles before they pop. I can already imagine bands of kids converting into bubble-eating Pac-Men.

Just dip the bubble wand into the bubble solution and blow through to create an army of edible bubbles. The bubbles are nice and sweet, but not too sweet. Kids will of course choose their favorite flavors, and at $2.99, they can easily try them all.

Kids being kids, they may try to straight up drink the bubble solution–but don’t let them! Candylicious Bubbles are safe to eat, but kids should avoid drinking the solution, since this is not how the product is intended to be used. While kids of all ages love bubbles, Candylicious bubbles are designed for kids ages 5 and up, and adult supervision is required while playing with them.

But, no need to worry about gobbling up too many bubbles. The ingredients in the solution produce non-toxic, dye-free, and gluten-free bubbles.

For so long, bubbles have been these elusive orbs kids could never catch—perhaps that’s why bubbles always manage to hypnotize kids. But with this new solution, kids can finally catch the bubbles in their mouth, and victory sure is sweet.