Home really is where the heart is—just ask the Hopscotch Rabbit family.

Epoch Everlasting Play’s own Hopscotch Rabbit Calico Critters family needs a cozy place to call home, and it’s clear they found exactly that in their new Red Roof Country Home, nestled in the Village alongside other houses and shops in the Epoch Everlasting-created neighborhood.

In the gift set, kids can customize the quaint two-story house of Mama Heidi Hopscotch Rabbit and her daughter Bell Hopscotch Rabbit, both included in the set, to make a dream home for the Hopscotch Rabbit clan.

Kids can open the house from a variety of angles, allowing more layouts to play and explore their two-story, four-room house and outdoor terrace. Opening it in a 90-degree angle, an 180-degree angle, or a closed setting to show off the yellow and white exterior, kids can customize set up. Light brims through the spacious windows, but kids can also switch on real lights in the rooms to add brightness to the space. Two AAA batteries are required for the lights to work; adults can use a screwdriver behind the bay window roof to add in batteries.

To install, adults can click in each individual piece of the house—the second story room, the railings, the windows, the bay window roof and the front entrance stone-looking porch all are removable. You can easily remove furnishings to create alternative floor plans and layouts. Make sure you click pieces in tightly, so parts won’t flip off as you install another furnishing.

It’s a fairly easy construction, snapping in the windows, the porch railings, the porch entrance, the balcony roof, and the interior lamps. The extra floor boards fit in once the home is open and the staircase can be moved into position on top of it. Then comes the fun part: decorating! Hand the reins over to the creative tikes to choose how the furniture should be set up and what they want each of the four rooms and alfresco terrace to look like for the Hopscotch Rabbits.

A variety of included detailed furniture, accessories, and real lighting allow kids to continue building the Hopscotch Rabbit cozy dream home by tricking out the bedrooms, kitchen, playroom, and living areas with all of the essentials a good home needs. And some fun extras because shouldn’t young Bell Hopscotch Rabbit learn to play the piano? I say yes!

Additionally, remove the second story and the roof to create more configurations of the country home by adding an exterior terrace or even building a third floor by adding the Cozy Cottage (not included) for an even grander home for Heidi and Bell Hopscotch Rabbit and the rest of their family.

Once the home is built to your little one’s specifications and it’s perfect for the Hopscotch Rabbit family, then let their imagination continue as kids play with the included mother-daughter duo Heidi and Bell Hopscotch Rabbit, Calico Critters cuties with poseable limbs, as they enter their new home and go about their busy days in their cute country home.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Heidi and Bell; we’ll see you around the Village.