Why unbox one Cakepop Cutie when you can unbox five?

That’s the idea behind Cakepop Cutie Families, the newest addition to the Cakepop Cuties line from Basic Fun. The collectible squishy figures, suitable for kids ages 4 and up, now come in themed blister packs of five.

Series one includes two different families to collect, the kitty family and the doggy family. Within each pack, there are two larger foam squishes, each about 2 inches tall; and three smaller, rubber squishes that make perfect pencil toppers.

Of the five Cuties in each pack, two are visible in the package, while three are hidden by cakepop-themed blind bags. This gives kids the mystery and fun of unboxing while making it easy to avoid repeats.

The Cuties all have a hole in their base, which lets kids pose them atop a pencil, pen, or lollipop stick. (So they resemble a Cake Pop!)

Kids should also be sure to follow the warning on the package to not stretch and pull the Cuties. Too much pulling can tear the Cuties (especially the larger foam ones), so stick to squishing and squeezing.

While these sets aren’t scented like some others in the line, they do keep with their sweet theme — all of the squishy cats and dogs are blended with some sort of sweet treat, including “Cinnapooch,” “Strawberry Shortcat,” and “Carameow.”

If collecting the two Cakepop Cutie families isn’t enough squishy fun, kids can peruse the included collector guide and see all the other Cakepop Cuties available to collect. This includes a second series of the original Cakepop Surprise and Cakepop Surprise Multipacks, as well as brand new Jumbo Pops, which include larger scented squishes, stickers, and more!

Cakepop Cuties are only available in-store at Target and Walmart.