Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

If you’re thinking about an awesome game night, then you’re in luck. Say hello to Bye, Felicia!, a new party game from Big G Creative that’s designed for players ages 12 and up. The premise of the game is that players have 30 seconds to write down as many things as they can think of within a topic — for example: Father’s Day gifts, zoo animals, Santa Claus, or types of fish. However, it is important to write down words or phrases that you think other players will also write down because, after time’s up, players go around the circle, taking turns reading one thing from their list. If someone else has that written down, too, the player stays in the round. If no one else had that same item on their list, then it’s “Bye, Felicia!” There is also the potential for “Go!” rounds, which are a variation when players have to go around the circle saying something out loud that fits in the category. When a player repeats or can’t think of something to say, it’s “Bye, Felicia” time again.

Check out the video below to get a better idea of how the game works.

Overall, the game is very easy to learn. Within a few rounds, players will start to figure out the logic behind which items they should choose to say, and there will be plenty of “Oh no, I should have said this instead,” moments. It helps if you know how the other players think — but none of the topics require personal answers, which means the game works even if you’re playing with people you have never met. In fact, playing with strangers might make the game a little more unpredictable.

Along those lines, the game is designed for 3-8 players. I personally played with the minimum number and, while the game still worked, I think it would have been even better with at least five players. The bigger group would have provided a larger mix of answers and more possible outcomes for each round. In this game, it’s certainly the more, the merrier. The game comes with a TON of cards, too, so you won’t have to worry about repeats, even with the maximum number of players.

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The game also comes with point tokens; helpful, double-sided in/out tokens to help keep track of who is still in each round; and a 30-second timer to use each round. However, that timer is visual. So, if you are playing with a competitive group of people who get hyper-focused on writing the longest list possible, consider setting up a 30-second timer on a phone or stopwatch that will beep to indicate that time is up.

Another plus is that this game doesn’t take too long to play — about 20 minutes with three people, and maybe a bit longer with additional players. Between the straightforward rules, quick gameplay, flexible group size, and guaranteed laughs, this party game is a good option for nearly any group gathering, whether you have casual gamers, serious gamers, new friends, or family!