Do you have a hard time getting your kids to brush their teeth? What about getting them to brush twice a day? What about getting them to brush long enough once you wrangle them to brush to begin with?! It is the ultimate parental “dental dance,” but now BriteBrush to help you out!

BriteBrush is the brainchild of toymakers WowWee and the inventors of Tooth Tunes. The two teamed up to help make good oral care habits fun for kids — and give parents a break from the daily brushing battles. The two brushes are the BriteBrush Gamebrush and BriteBrush Baby Shark brush.

These revolutionary toothbrushes boost the tooth brushing game. With games, music, and tons of fun, each BriteBrush knows how kids are brushing. The brushes use smart sensors and other technology to make tooth time totally terrific. Both brushes are available at Walmart, Target, and Amazon.

From the get-go, most kids will be enraptured with the Game Brush. This brush is filled with fun games, including Space Attack, Soccer Pinball, Dance Star, Punch Master, Race Car Rally, Rockstar Jam, and Arcade Legends. Each game encourages kids to play by the motions of brushing their teeth — with Space Attack, they blast the aliens by brushing; with Rockstar Jam, they earn points by rocking out with spectacular solos, as if the brush was a mouth air guitar. As kids play each game, there are themed effects and music, like racing car sounds or the peal of bells.

Alternatively, for budding brushers, there is the BabyShark Brush, which has exclusive games like Treasure Hunt and Bubble Pop Practice, and of course features the world-famous “Baby Shark” song.

BriteBrush is easy for kids to use: They turn it on by pressing the button on the side of the brush. When first using the brush, there is a “Try Me” mode where kids can get a sense of how it works. As they progress, more game content is unlocked, giving them the motivation to brush. Once all the games are unlocked, they are motivated even more to brush to win first place or get 10 stars!


As kids brush, the brush communicates to the user to brush up and down or in small circles. For kids used to brushing side to side, they may be frustrated at first to learn to brush in a different way. The BriteBrush does not respond if a child doesn’t brush up and down. So it can be a challenge. However, once kids learn to brush this way, it will be better for the long haul!

When kids brush in the correct manner, the games and music keep them brushing for the American Dental Association (ADA) guideline for brushing for two minutes, twice per day. There are cues to tell kids when to switch sides, motivation with sound effects, and virtual rewards.

Parents will love that an extra soft-bristled brush head is included, along with pre-loaded AAA batteries. The recommended age for the Baby Shark brush is kids ages 3 and up with parental assistance. The suggested age for the Game Brush is kids ages 5 and up. However, these are so fun that older kids and grown-ups may find it a novel way to brush, too!

Both brushes have “Parent Check Light” circle at the bottom of the brush handle. If it is green, you know they aced their brushing. Yellow means it was decent but brushing could be improved. Red means they could have done better — so it’s a good opportunity to review their brushing technique and have a conversation about oral care.

Some other delightful dental features to note: You can reduce the volume. To do so, make sure the brush is turned off, then press and hold the button on the handle until you hear “low volume,” or a vibration, then release the button. Another feature is that the BriteBrush Gamebrush and BriteBrush Baby Shark brush heads are interchangeable.

Whether it’s the BriteBrush Gamebrush or BriteBrush Baby Shark brush. kids can brush and play twice a day to keep the cavities away!