Kids ask a lot of questions — and it’s time to get the answers.

Why does the earth revolve around the sun? Are bananas radioactive? Maybe you’ve heard these or other interesting questions you’ve forgotten the answers to (or just don’t know how to explain in a kid-friendly way). While Britannica All New Kids’ Encyclopedia certainly has most of the answers, it also brings up what even experts still don’t know in a fun, engaging way that’s easy to digest.

As the first encyclopedia for kids in more than a generation, the book brings up what today’s kids — ages 8 and up — need to know. It crams everything from the creation of the earth to today in 416 pages full of facts, data, and more than 1,000 pictures.

Each page is verified by more than 100 world experts. It brings in cool facts, including that yes, bananas are actually radioactive but not enough to hurt you. The encyclopedia continues Britannica’s mission to make learning fun and will have an e-book version with links to added content. Kids can learn all of life’s mysteries in October when the book comes out.