Mane Styling heads

A new line of styling heads is about to be the *mane* event for every kid who loves fashion and horses equally.

The Breyer Mane Beauty Styling Heads are sculpted horse heads with long, no-tangle manes that kids ages 5 and up can style. Each Styling Head comes with a styling booklet; a mane comb; and mane clips, spirals, and elastics for hairstyling possibilities. The heads will be available this July in three styles: Blaze (black mane), Daybreak (white mane), and Sunset (blonde mane).

The company is also celebrating its 70th anniversary with a new assortment of horse figures that are available now at specialty toy stores. The five hand-decorated models each commemorate a different decade, feature an anniversary logo, and come in special packaging. There is also a limited-edition, rare chase figure in the collection.